How to achieve proportions when training a male


Males require different muscles stimulus than women, and so on.

And like any form of training, proportions are something that should be respected and planned.

You know that old massive bodybuilder look is something that in my opinion, is overdone.

I would see it as an out of proportion body.

Beauty is something so simple, so simple that most people overdo it.

And in the males' case, most men think that the more weights they do or, the harder they get at training, the better they will look.

And that is far from the truth, and that way of thinking leads to out of proportion bodies.

A lot of men overwork their chests, biceps and legs and forget all the other muscles.

Also, most men do not stretch and that creates a rigid body, with lack of movement and fluidity.

All those little things must be thought and planned.

When I train male clients, my number one priority is to crated harmony, and that will translate into beauty and naturality.

So if you are a male and reading this, it is essential to train with a trainer that understands harmony.

Train hard until a client vomits on the side can be done by anyone, and that requires no qualifications.

Training, males and females is not the same thing.