Functional Training in 15, 45 and 60 minutes. What is best?


In the last few years, I have heard a lot of people and trainers talking about functional training.

So what exactly is the meaning of functional?

To start with, every movement in fitness is functional.

So now that you know that function is just an empty term let me explain to you what functional training means.

Functional training is basically a bunch of bodyweight exercises.

The correct fitness term for those exercises is compound exercises, movements where several muscles are required to perform certain activities.

Think about a squat and a chin up. All “functional exercises” are bastard versions of those 2 movements.

The problem I see with that is when people wear the t-shirt and drink the kool-aid .

It is not advised to perform exercises based only in one school of thought. Think about a yoga practitioner that only does yoga or a pilates person that only practices pilates.

Like anything in life, there is the good and the bad.

I like the approach of seeing exercise as movement and you have a catalogue where you use certain exercises for certain objectives.

So getting back to functional sessions and how long is the best approach? 15 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes?

I would say none of them.

Leave it to a fully qualified trainer that is not a follower of a single school of exercise to analyse what your body needs, how long and how often.

Leave it to the experts because every case is different.

I love my industry all its facets and fashions.