Exercising a lot with no results?


Like a fine spice, exercise should only be done in moderation and prescribed by a professional.

It is so easy to overdo any fitness activity.

We need to take into consideration the fitness history, genetics, lifestyle, stress levels, gender, age, and how this person reacts to exercise before prescribing any movement.

Even water when taken in the wrong way becomes poison.

So over-exercising is something that most people that go to the gym do.

People think uhmmm…. If I add more weights and do more classes, yes, I will get more results.

My answer to that is :

“No, you won’t”.

That’s when we divide experts from gym enthusiasts.

It looks easy just to choose a few exercises, but there is a lot of study behind it, and that's when some people get results, and some get none.

If you are exercising and getting no results, you need an expert to analyse it and guide you.

It could be, and I guarantee you that there are nutritional problems behind it, and also the intensity and frequency of workouts is wrong.

Training with no guidance is like someone that is sick and asks google for advice.

Very dangerous business.

So if you are in this situation, its time to put your hand up and get advice from a good professional. Stop self-medicating yourself with the wrong fitness and diet.

Too little exercise is no good, too much exercise is not good also.