Dumbbell, Kettlebell, Mat, what gym gear should you buy to exercise at home during the corona virus quarantine


My answer is no!

Mother nature is perfect and created us perfectly.

We should actually exercise just with our body weight. It is a perfect design and everyone carries what should be used basically.

When we add weight to our exercise routines we put our bodies under severe unnecessary stress.

If you look into the old forms of exercise on the planet that are thousands of years old like yoga, you see no weights.

The advent of weights is something new.

The old Greek schools of exercise used only body weight for exercise also.

It is like we are all going a bit backwards.

This whole “equipment” craziness started with the advent of the modern revolution and industrialisation.

It is very tempting to create the latest fitness apparatus and make a lot of money.

Yes money is the thing behind it.

Then gyms were created, and the paradigm became that you need to go to the gym because they have the equipment that you don’t.

Body weight exercises also prevent injuries, isn’t it perfect !

It is very easy also to get hurt with gym equipment like heavy weights.

Especially if you are a male.

A lot of males think that the heavier the weights are, the more results they will get.

The only great result that they get is a body injury.

So, basically you are perfect and came with the correct body to exercise.

Just do it.

I get asked all the time if we actually need any equipment to train.