Do I need to vary my sessions to see results?


I have one word to say about it, boring as hell.

Another thing I have to say about it is laziness from most trainers.

And boredom makes people stop training.

That’s not what I want to.

It is also important to vary sessions every single time to bring new stimuli to your body.

Amazing and faster results come from training variety.

I like to turn people’s routines upside-down.

It makes things interesting and training becomes this fresh crazy thing.

Think about one session like Pilates and next session a more muscle toning session, and then yoga and then rugby exercises.

I think there are great exercises in all school of exercises and I am not shy about studying and exploring them.

It makes training fresh for me as a trainer also.

And some things work and some things don’t.

I drop the ones that don’t work for sure.

So let’s vary and get crazy guys !

I remember when I started as a trainer, most trainers used to update their clients’ routines once a month.