Barre and Pilates


Barre is a class that mixes pilates, yoga and ballet movements.

As always, most schools of exercise base themselves on traditional Yoga, since it is the oldest and one of the most efficient forms of exercise.

Pure Pilates classes can be limited in the number of exercises provided since most teachers just replicate pre-choreographed group classes.

Barre has its own place.

There are thousands of exercises that can be performed in a personal training session, so that's why I take a professional decision never to attach myself to any single school of exercise and never to perform group classes.

I am a certified Pilates and Yoga teacher on top of my Master personal trainer qualifications, but I never run classes based on just one school of thought.

Imagine if when you take your car to be serviced, the mechanic is servicing 20 vehicles at the same time.

So you got the idea.

Not that amazing.

Every client is unique, so for some people just a few Pilates exercises are enough in a session.

For another person, a few Barre exercises are great.

And so on.

Exercises should be prescribed like a medicine of the highest order.

Your body is a temple and should be treated with maximum respect and attention.

So I say yes to prescribed exercises and no to single schools of training.

A lot of people know Pilates but don't understand what Barre means.