Reformer or Mat Pilates


What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Same for Pilates.

Reformer or Mat Pilates.

Which one is better for you?

I always follow one rule in my career, and my business and this rule is simple.

So simple.

It is about simplicity.

The most straightforward path is always the most correct one.

Like other things, people like to complicate, to dictate rules and to make money ultimately.

So let's apply the simplicity rule to Pilates.

Mat Pilates uses the client's body weight to perform all exercises, that in reality are versions of Yoga and old greek gymnastics exercises.

Reformer Pilates uses complicated coil based machines.

As a Pilates teacher I have to mention that you can work the same muscle groups using only your body weight.

As a Pilates teacher and master personal trainer, I think that Pilates is not for everyone, so I prescribe certain exercises from it according to one's needs and capacities.

Reformer Pilates looks cool but I think Mat Pilates is way superior in terms of core development and to avoid injuries.

Mother nature created us most simplistically and provided all that we need.

And machines are not on that list.

Reformer or Mat Pilates.