A short trip from Sydney Eastern Suburbs, Bondi, outdoor personal training


I get a lot of clients from Bondi and Sydney’s eastern suburbs like Coogee, Tamarama, Double Bay, Vaucluse.

It is a very short trip through the city tunnel.

Due to the huge number of clients I have, I avoid travelling around to not waste time.

Above all the training area where I run my classes is very special. Very quiet, secluded, and it feels like you are in a resort somewhere.

There is easy parking available, and it is very safe.

Exercise outdoors in nature is a very powerful experience that has been done for hundreds of generations.

I love when sometimes we do exercises looking up to the sky and clients tell me that they haven’t looked up like that for years and years.

Most humans have lost touch with their inner nature.

People drive their cars to work, then drive back and have no contact with grass, soil, sunlight, birds.

So in my gym, those are all aspects that start our healing journey and are part of all sessions.

Never underestimate the music of nature!

I hope to see you soon on Sydney’s lower north shore.

Sydney is a very small city; it is spread out but small.