Running. Is that good or not? My outdoor personal trainer opinion


I always loved to run since I was 10 used to run on the beach, then I got the bug to run massive distances.

5km turned into 20km, then 45km and then I was like running for 3 hours in one session.

Did I like it?

Yes, I did.

It was a great experience to see both sides of running.

In the 80s running was everything.

I am from the 70s, so I got a significant influence from the 80s and the running addiction.

I have 2 amazing professional running coaches from the Brazilian Olympic team.

They pushed me to the max, and I learnt so much from them.

Great teachers.

I also learnt a lot as a trainer.

I saw that running is not that great.

Running increases your cortisol and that ages you like mad.

Thankfully my coaches were so sensible and never let me run more than one marathon a year so as to not destroy my immune system.

My favourite marathon was the New York Marathon. The energy around it is like magic.

But running can damage your knees, hips, make your skin sag, and if you are a woman it will make your breasts go south.

My idea in training my clients is to never hurt them, so hard core running is no longer on my portfolio of exercise prescription.

I have learnt so much about it and felt in my own skin that today I say NO to it.

I actually see more results and benefits from walking.

I wrote a lot about it, so I am going to describe its benefits here.

So running is out and walking is in!

Hey, you are going to hear about running from an ex-running addict.