My opinion on bone broth


Bone broth I think is one of those kitchen things that has been prepared since caveman time.

The idea behind it is to get minerals, collagen and that this broth will heal everything under the sun, especially the lining of your digestive system.

Sorry guys but I don’t buy the hype.

This soup looks to me more like a magical potion that has no scientific basis to support any of the claims.

I know people love when they hear that it helps your collagen production.

But I would stay away from it if I were you.

I think its another fad where someone is making a lot of money selling you a cheap stock made of bones.

Nowadays, animals are injected with so many antibiotics and vaccines that you would be basically drinking a chemical broth. Even if they say it is organic, who knows how they fed the animals.

Yes, it is a way to utilise every part of the animals, but why kill the animals in the first place.

So I say NO to bone broths.

If you want to increase collagen, there are smarter ways that are super-efficient.

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Bone broth; even the name sounds weird, but hey, you guys asked, and I will give you my opinion here.