Best way to detox


"What is the best way to detox?"

In reality, the best one to detox is to not intoxicate yourself.

And things that can poison our systems and our planet are :

- Alcohol. You would be horrified to know that the most dangerous and accepted drug on the planet kills and is involved in most crimes worldwide. I always say that I will be alive to see alcohol being prohibited;

-Sugar. Name all its forms, processed and unprocessed. They all cause damage to the body and to our communities;

-Stress. Yes, mental stress can damage the body, and its side effects can harm our families and society;

-Highly processed foods. In preserving foods and making money, the modern diet uses a lot of chemicals that damage our healths.

-Excess. Yes, the culture of excess and no limits when applied to our healths is very damaging.

So try to avoid all of those points, and I guarantee you, your health will improve.

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I get asked this question a lot.