Turmeric, its powers, how to use it


The benefits of Turmeric are endless.

It not only tastes good, but it is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory foods around.

I prescribe it to most of my clients, and I have had it daily for many years.

So how to use it?

The best one is to blend it.

Yes, mix it on a high-speed blender with your green juice.

Blending is essential. Otherwise, it will be a bit sandy.

I like to add other superfoods to my green juices also.

Another way to have it is to add it to your food.

I mean anything from savoury to healthy desserts.

Turmeric not only helps with aging but is excellent for skin health and luminosity.

I also see how Turmeric helps with exercise recovery.

So add it to your next meal!

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The most potent spice of them all.