Tips for how to relieve muscle pain after your exercise sessions


Yes that muscle pain can be a pain in the arse literally.

So how to reduce it or even eliminate it?

The main pain killer is cold.

Think about cold baths, cold showers and staying in the cold.

The reverse - I mean heat - is the worst thing for body pains.

So another great one is massage, any form of massage, with someone else’s hands, your hands, or even massage tools are the way to go.

Infrared saunas are also amazing for it. I am not talking about heated saunas. I am talking about real near infrared and infrared LED lights therapy.

Rest is the easiest one. Basically to sleep for 2 hours, but I prefer to do that after a cold shower since it is a better combo than just sleep.

Another simple one is to go for a walk, that’s what we call recovery session since it moves the training by-products and sends them to the liver for elimination.

So if you want to go hard core, do all of them or a mix of them and trust me you will be like new .

Bring on the cold.

Training is great and sometimes the side effects are a killer.