Three most essential superfoods that everyone should have every day


So get your notes and shopping list because those three superfoods can change your health for the better.

The number one and the master of them all is raw cacao powder.

It not only tastes great, but it has powerful properties.

No wonder why the Mayans and Aztecs used it as currency.

The second one and it is a must, is spirulina.

No one can beat its mineral and vitamin content.

Spirulina has the power to remove toxins and give you that glow.

I prefer the tablets because its taste is a bit hardcore for me.

The third one is a bit unusual.

It is the purple sweet potato!

Yes, it tastes fantastic, and it is a powerhouse of vitamin A and other antioxidants.

So go to the shops or online and get those three foods today.

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I am always asked what the top superfoods are.