Three different ways to use olive oil


Olive oil has so many benefits, and it tastes incredible.

I highly recommend everyone to use it daily.

Like anything not in excess.

So I would like to share with you three unusual ways to use this fantastic oil:

-Olive oil is one of the best skin cleansers around. The ancient Greeks and Italians used to use it, and you can use it too. Rub it in your face, then remove it with a towel, and your face will be thoroughly cleansed and soft;

-Use it as hair oil. Use just a few drops and rub them into your hair. Your hair will be soft and healthy;

-Mix it with a bit of turmeric powder and use it as a face mask. Leave for at least 30 minutes. Remove it with more olive oil and a wet towel. Your skin will glow!

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The liquid gold and all its uses.