Seven tips to succeed in your fitness routine


A few things separate those that succeed from those that try and fail on their fitness routines.

Take note of my seven tips:

1-Be persistent. Some days you might wake up not in the mood, but you have to go there and try it gently;

2-Listen to your body. If you feel tired, do something relaxing, and if you feel full of energy, go for it;

3-Don't listen to other's opinions. Go inside yourself and listen to your own needs. No one knows you better than yourself;

4-Eat clean. There is no way to get good results or any results without a good diet;

5-Meditate every day. Everything starts in mind. So look after it;

6-Be gentle. Have a soft but direct attitude to everything. Don't complicate things. It is the best way to avoid stress;

7-Drink a lot of filtered water. I know you heard this a million times. So do it.

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So let me tell you a few secrets.