Probiotics and weight loss


I think it is the power of yogurt advertising.

So yes probiotics are good for you, no questions about it.

I would say that yes they are a part of the tools that you should be using in your weight loss journey.

Great and powerful forms of probiotics are unpasteurised: sauerkraut, kombucha, fermented nut cheeses, apple cider vinegar.

Probiotics are basically foods rich in good “soldiers” that not only help us to digest our food, but fight against “bad” bacteria and viruses.

I recommend everyone to eat them at every meal.

There are so many links with populations that live above 100 years and their intake of fermented foods.

And yes there are lots of links with weight loss also.

So if I were you I would have them everyday!

To make the fermented nut cheeses, please read the recipes from my book Ricardo Riskalla Training Diet Simple Recipes Cookbook.

We all know somehow what probiotics mean.