Old-age precautions and recommendations


It is a pity that in western societies we dispose of the old in nursing homes like a piece of garbage.

There are no nursing homes in Japan.

That shows a lot.

What respect is and what aging is.

Aging is an accumulation of knowledge, and that should be listened and respected.

So let’s apply that to fitness.

Not in a single moment in ancient history people went to gyms.

Fitness was part of self-care, respect.

Think about yoga, think about ancient greeks playing with bulls.

Exercises most certainly were connected to spirituality.

Look at us now counting calories, not me.

Not to mention westerners that think they can eat whatever and burn in the gym.

Then people get sick and don’t know why.

Health is a combination of endless acts that you do during your lifetime.

Respect the wise elderly and look after yourself to do not end up in a nursing home.

I won't

I love that in Asian cultures, they venerate the elderly. It is an act of honour to grow old.