No time to exercise? What can you do?


Many people out there have so many things on their plates, like small kids, businesses to run, family members to look after.

Yes, sometimes things take over our free time.

Yes, it is easy to say make some time.

I can give you some tips on how to try to fit some time for yourself to exercise :

1)Put an alarm and wake up before the whole household, basically try to exercise before the storm starts;

2)Include your family or friends as part of your workouts. It could be a family walk on the beach every weekend, a bushwalk with your best friend;

3)Don't think that to get fit you need an hour every day, exercise less but more frequently. I created a series of exercise videos that last only 10 minutes for that reason;

For more tips, get my books and exercise videos available on this website.

I know you must be thinking like me, find time then.