My outdoor personal trainer opinion on the Revenge body show, by Khloé Kardashian


I know it is fun, entertaining.

But Khloé Kardashian took that to a level that in my opinion is wrong in a number of ways.

She calls it “Revenge Body”.

Basically, she recruits the help of a trainer to transform someone's body.

The spin in the whole story is that this person was abandoned by a partner, or suffered a breakup, or something traumatic and she uses the body as a weapon to say to the "other person", I am amazing.

So above all, any body transformation should never be done for someone else, but it must be done with respect for yourself and done with care.

The body is not an egocentric material to be used to make someone angry or to take revenge.

I saw an episode of the show so I could talk about it here because a few of you asked me, and I have to say I am not impressed at all.

I saw trainers screaming at the clients that are already traumatised by the relationship break up, and I saw no respect.

I think, and that's my professional opinion that shows like that, and the Biggest Loser just want to create drama and have nothing to do with health and well being.

I would love to see shows on TV where the clients are treated with respect by the trainer and that the client feels unique and never forced.

But hey, consumers nowadays are savvy and shows like that don’t last.

I hope so.

If you are on your weight loss journey or any health journey, do it for yourself and for you only.

Compassion and respect for your body is all that matters.

We all have this fascination for makeovers, when you see an average person turning into something amazing.