Is Kim Kardashian’s bum real? Can you achieve that look with a personal trainer?


A lot of you ask me about this, so let's do it.

Is Kim’s bum real? What is the deal?

First I would like to say it that I think her bum is very disproportional to her body.

A lot of my female clients would think that having a bum that big would be their worst nightmare.

Taste is taste, but when it is bad taste, better to just leave it.

So is her bum real, I don’t think so.

In my opinion, she did a procedure called the Brazilian butt lift. This procedure is when a plastic surgeon removes fat from a clients body parts and injects the fat into the client’s bum.

This procedure can have severe side effects like artery-clogging and death.

So now it takes us to the second part of this article, which is :

“Can you create a bum like Kim Kardashian's with exercise?”

The answer is no.

The bum muscles could increase in size but not to the extent that we see on Kim.

So basically I think that it is fake.

In my opinion, a trainer is always protecting their client's best interests. I never had a client asking me to have a bigger bum. My female clients always ask me the reverse.

A lifted and hard bum and never too big.

And that is achievable with diet and exercise.

It is like mother nature doesn’t want anyone to have Kim’s bum.

Is Kim’s bum real? What is the deal?