Is chocolate good for your health?


So is it good or not.

Yes it is good bloody good not only for you but for your health.

But only if we are talking about the cacao.

Not the typical supermarket sugar loaded candy.

Unprocessed, unheated, raw cacao is a miracle food.

It has been used as medicine by the Mayans for thousands of years.

It is a super source of antioxidants and I recommend and prescribe to all of my clients.

You can even make sugar free bars, the recipe is in my cookbook.

So yes have raw cacao powder everyday.

Add it to your shakes and superfood mixes and your skin will glow.

Raw cacao powder is also great a muscle relaxant and great for mind focus.

So let’s make Willy Wonka proud and have our share of this god’s gift.

The old and delicious chocolate, adored by everyone.