How to know if you are unfit or fit?


So first, what does it mean to be fit?

There are lots of classifications.

And in my opinion they all fail.

Big time.

For example if you compare a marathon runner to a basketball player.

Who is fitter?

It all depends on the parameters used. If you use heart rate, they might be very similar.

But if you use power, the marathon runner would lose.

If you use cardiovascular resistance the basketball player would lose.

Another example would be to compare a model to a housewife.

Who is fitter?

Again using what parameters?

In terms of cardio the model could win, who knows, but in terms of strength if you get a housewife that trains everyday the model would lose.

Only compare yourself with yourself.

If you compare your cardiovascular capacity, strength, and any other parameter to your original results you would see that you might be better now than when you started training.

Just that.

Do not use complicated things, tools, machines and scales.

Use good sense and above all respect yourself!

A lot of my clients ask me if they are fit or unfit so let’s explore this here.