How long does it take to become an outdoor personal trainer?


So let’s set the record straight.

If you are in Australia you need to complete the certificate 3 and certificate 4 in Fitness. That will take you between 1 and 2 years to complete.

If you want to do one on one training you must do another course called Master Trainer. That will take another 6 months.

After that you should study nutrition. You can’t be a proper trainer without a nutrition qualification for trainers. That will take you another year and you can only do that if you completed the certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness.

Yes, you learn nutrition when you are getting your fitness qualification, but you need to go into more detail to be able to create proper plans.

After that you need to specialise yourself. I personally specialised in training for adults, kids and teenagers. I also did my Yoga training, Pilates training, Tai Chi, Qigong and many more.

I see exercise as a prescription so I like to have the highest number of moves and techniques under my belt so I can better help my clients.

I am accredited with the UK based Register of Exercise Professionals, and the Federation of International Sports Aerobics and Fitness which recognises my qualifications in over 35 countries.

So because of that I have a requirement to do a certain number of courses every year to keep my qualifications, so the studying is an endless process.

As you can see, next time you see a trainer remember that he or she might have thousands of training hours behind them.

Basically the qualification process never ends, because it is a science. What I knew a decade ago is not what I know now.

Fitness is evolving; some things stay, some go and my knowledge and experience polishes me to be a better trainer.

I wanted to touch on this subject because a lot of people ask me about it, clients and people that want to become a personal trainer.