How come the scales show me as being heavier, but I look skinnier?


Do you still use it?

If so it is time to stop it.

We fitness professionals haven’t used scales for decades.

Sales do not measure anything right.

If you drink a glass of water it will make you 250 grams heavier.

Then one might think it is fat.

Same goes if you go on the scales after a meal, before you evacuate, in a full moon.

Yes the full moon affects the way your body holds water and that will show up on the scales.

So you are getting the idea.

Basically your weight can change more than a dozen times during one day.

It is not an accurate way of measuring training progress, weight loss and anything.

A fully qualified trainer will measure your body with a tape and that is one accurate way to track your progress.

The exception is when it is full moon or you are a woman on your period, right before it and right after it.

Other exceptions are after airplane trips.

They make everything a bit puffier.

Throw your scales in the bin.

Free yourself.

The old scales, the cause of so many mental problems.