Do collagen supplements work?


As a consumer, it must be not very easy to distinguish what is real and what is not.

Since the government does not regulate the supplement industry, it makes it very hard for consumers to know whether or not to believe in marketing claims.

The latest thing that I am seeing everywhere is collagen.

I know collagen is on people’s minds in relation to aging and wrinkles, so it is a fantastic marketing pitch to sell these magic pills.

Something like: “take collagen and slow down your aging process”.


My opinion is that they do not work.

Collagen is just an excellent way to sell a protein powder to you.

The only protein powders that I think are good are made from vegetable proteins.

Collagen is an animal protein sourced product, usually from the by-products from the meat industry.

In terms of nutrition, it is always better to get protein from real food sources and no, having collagen won’t stimulate your body to produce more collagen.

That’s just another myth from people trying to make money.

Collagen is created in your body from several nutrients.

So a balanced diet rich in vitamin C is the way to go here.

Every few months there is a new supplement on the market.