Can you target specific body parts in training?


So, is that possible?

I say yes and no.

I say yes because in my practice I have done it.

And I say no because I think it has to do with the level of weight loss of the client.

So if I get for example a morbidly obese client and try to reduce their arms size, it will work only to a small extent.

But if I get a client that is only out of shape and I work on their inner thighs I will see amazing results.

So I would say it is possible.

I see spot targeting working in all body areas.

Most people don’t realise that what they have is often excess fluid and not fat.

I use a few combined techniques that help the body to move fluid around and that works wonders, even in one session.

Fluid retention could be genetic but in most cases it’s diet related and also related to poor water intake.

I am always amazed how most people do not drink enough water.

You need to measure how much water you drink and the easiest way is via a one litre water bottle.

If you drink “glasses” of water, you will lose track of how much you are drinking and that’s a fact.

So reducing the size of a body part is real; it has to do with proper training technique, water intake, and diet correction.

I remember when I started to be a trainer and everyone told me: “you cannot spot reduce on one body part”.